This blog is the work of one Collin Vincent, a writer, thinker, world traveller, occasional doer of things, recovering attorney, and a man with a terrible addiction to two wheeled speed machines.

Collin lives by the beach in sunny Southern California, along with his girlfriend and dog. A life long day dreamer and idle slacker, nursed on a diet of the microwaved dreams of Generation X, Collin earned a BA in History and Political Science from Drexel University, and a J.D. from California Western School of Law. He began writing fiction full time in 2013 after becoming disenchanted with the practice of law.

The author of  Odyssey of the Heliotrope, and the still to be released Boom Town, Collin primarily writes Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Weird Fiction, and Fantasy.

You may be asking yourself, “Why should we care about this guy or his work?” To tell the truth, I don’t really know, but you are an awesome person for doing so. You may also be asking, “what’s this blog about?” That’s a good question. You have a lot of good questions…


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